Improving the integration of the environmental objectives of the Water Framework Directive and the Habitats Directive



The goal of this activity is to integrate the requirements of the Habitats Directive on the protection of habitat types of Community interest and its species and the Water Framework Directive so that both States can apply them jointly in regards to the management of the border and transboundary bodies of water.



The following tasks will help to achieve this goal:

  • Compilation of existing cartography and adaptation of this cartography to the bodies of water. Updating and improvement of the inventory of habitat types and species of flora and fauna linked to the aquatic environment.
  • Gather the existing cartography and adapt it to the bodies of water. Update and improve the inventory of habitat types and species, of fauna and flora, associated with the aquatic environment.
  • Create a GIS layer that facilitates the georeferenced record of habitat types and species.
  • Revise bibliography and analyse the specific ecological requirements of the species.
  • Develop a methodology to integrate the WFD objectives and the environmental objectives for protected areas (Habitats Directive and other directives).
  • Identify the actions to be included in the programme of measures of the river basin management plans and in the management plans for sites (Natura 2000 Network) and species.
  • Identify how invasive alien species spread.
  • Develop monitoring programmes of invasive alien species of Union concern.
  • Establish protocols for early detection, monitoring and action.



Official document of the monitoring network of invasive alien species associated with water


Update and improvement of the inventory of habitat types and species


Cartography of species and habitats located on the bodies of water


Measures to be included, regarding the bodies of water, in the river basin management plans

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