Management and communication



For the joint management of the project a Steering Committee (SC) has been established, which is composed of one representative from each of the partners. It will hold an average of 1 meeting per semester or when required.



The SD applies a specifically defined and structured method of coordination, which enables it to:

  • Taking responsibility for the coordination of the planning of activities, pooling and coordinating the planning tasks carried out by all partners.

  • The distribution of tasks between the partners, especially in those actions foreseen where several partners are involved.

  • A complete monitoring of the implementation of the actions with information concerning all progress in the implementation of the project.

The lead beneficiary of the project chairs the SD.



The technical and operational monitoring of the project is carried out by a Joint Working Group (JWG), composed of a technician from each of the partners of the Partnership. The Joint Working Group is in charge of:

  • Establish the technical conditions necessary for the joint development of the actions;

  • To fully monitor the work programme of the project and check the timetable, in order to ensure an optimal operational implementation of the project;

  • Issue a quarterly monitoring report on the technical status of project implementation, which will be submitted to the Steering Committee. An average of 1 meeting per quarter will be held, with an estimated total of 12 meetings throughout the implementation period. At each meeting, a complete follow-up of the project work programme, the degree of progress in the achievement of products and results, including information and publicity measures, and a comparison of the timetable is carried out. Each of the JWG meetings will result in a quarterly progress monitoring report, which will feed into the information provided by the partners at the meeting, as well as progress reports and progress reports.


Procedures manual
Quarterly monitoring reports
Interim evaluation report
Final evaluation report

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